Lace Challenge 25th Anniversary

To mark the group’s 25th anniversary the committee set us the challenge to make a hat. Gillian Duncan won the challenge.

So graph paper to hand I designed a ring of lace. Once I had worked the pattern, which took about four month, and taken it off the pillow I was not happy with the size, so had to rethink my design. I stiffened the lace with a diluted solution of PVA glue, and was then able to manipulate it.


I bought a hairband which I covered with silk ribbon the same colour as the lace thread, then stitched the lace to it, I then made a lace frill to trim the back of the hat. I used a polystyrene wig stand to help me get the shaping just right. Finally I worked a lace flower and leaves in a contrasting colours, attaching these to the front of the finished hat. I am now looking forward to a wedding to wear it to.

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