Welcome to our Show and Tell page, where the intricate artistry of our members comes to life! Dive into a gallery showcasing a diverse array of lace creations, from traditional bobbin and needle lace to innovative contemporary designs. Each piece is more than just a masterpiece; it’s a story of inspiration, perseverance, and love for the craft, shared through their photos. Whether you’re seeking new ideas, eager to learn, or simply admiring fine craftsmanship, our Show and Tell page invites you to explore, and be inspired by the boundless creativity within our community.


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Milanese – Pam Edwards

Oak & Acorns – Jenny Hughes

Angels – Jan Honess

Bruges Flower Lace – Pam Edwards

Handbag – Margaret Holmes

Stethoscope – Sue Smith

Raised Tallies – Margret Holmes

Angel – Louise Woodward

Monte Bridge – Sue Piccioni