Milanese Lace – Pam Edwards

Pam Edwards. Lady with Parasol is the “pinnacle” of my Milanese lace making, worked with DMC 50 cotton in ecru, under Roz Snowden’s tutorage. A lot of the braids finish and are sewn out at the waistband. To make a neat finish I mounted it on to a piece of fabric ( with a bit […]

Bookmark – Rosemary Jobling

Rosemary Jobling The bookmark on the right was copied from The Mainly Lace Collection, I made it with Cotona 30 with a Perle 5 gimp. The one on the left was from the Lace Guild Book which I made it with DMC Broder Machine 30.

Lace – Laura Emm

Laura Emm Laura worked these adorable pieces whilst she was a junior member of Tonbridge Lace Makers. Encouraged to learn the craft by her Grandmother Anne Bates, who is a founder member of the group.

Russian Lace – Anne Bates

Anne Bates This piece of Russian Lace was intended for the centre of my dining room table, so I bought the threads and the book with the pattern in it. However after spending a considerable amount of money on three weekend residential courses to make it, not to mention countless hours of work, I decided […]

Anemone Garter – Jill Smith

Jill Smith This pattern, Anemone Garter, was purchased from DJ Hornsby of Canterbury’s website. When my God-daughter told she was getting married and I decided to make her a garter, I had only been making Tourchon lace for 3 years. 200 hours later!!It was and amazing journey, made easier with help from my teacher Louise […]

UFO – Jane Ashby

Jane AshbyUsed 24 pairs wound with Madeira Tanne 30 to work Jenny Hester’s pattern No 35( Interlocking V’s UFO)

Torcheon Cat – Liz Watkinson

Liz WatkinsonTorcheon cat, a pattern from a past edition of the Lace Guild Magazine, is worked in De Haviland ‘silk’ (not an ideal thread when you do as much un-lacing as I do) but I love the colours and finish. The sampler below was also from a past edition of the Lace Guild magazine, worked […]

Star & Horseshoe – Jane Ashby

Jane Ashby This was made from a German kit, from Roseground Supplies.The lace itself was fairly simple, but attaching it to the wooden frame with invisible thread proved more of challenge. Also this wedding horseshoe pattern from Christine Springett. Worked in DMC Fil a Dentelle and Presencia gold threads with clusters of 4 seed beads

Torchon Handkerchief – Jean Short

Jean ShortThis Torchon handerchief edging is worked with 34 pairs of cotton DMC 40. The pattern was provided by teacher Roz Snowden whilst attending her class at the Adult Education Centre in Tonbridge.I did not want a handerchief that would be tucked away in a drawer, so I mounted it around a picture worked from […]

Monte Bridge – Sue Piccioni

Sue PiccioniDesigned and worked this beautiful picture of Monte Bridge for the OIDFA 2012 competition. The full story of it’s creation is on the Newsletter page.