Bruges Flower Lace – Pam Edwards

Pam Edwards This design I found in a book that Jean Yardley passed on to me, knowing what a fan I was of Bruges Flower lace.It measures about 14 inches in diameter (reduced from 16 inches to fit my largest pillow).Worked in Special Dentelles 80 thread it has taken me 2-3 years to complete and […]

Oak & Acorns – Jenny Hughes

Jenny Hughes Whilst on holliday in Chipping Camden we visited an exhibition at the museum of craft and design at Court Barn. The exhibition depicted nine famous design and crafts people in Chipping Camden and North Cotswolds since 1900.I was immediately inspired by Katharine Adams (bookbinder). The front cover of one of her books was […]

Milanese – Pam Edwards

Pam Edwards I started Milanese lace under Jessica’s tuition at Tonbridge Adult Education classes. This is my first motif after a few practice braids. Worked in DMC 50 cotton in white, I particularly like the meander braid. The design is from Pat Read.

Ladies – Margaret Adams

Margaret Adams. I started getting interested in working the ‘ladies’ after seeing several patterns in a Honiton book, and period programmes on the television. My first lady was in the Georgian era and took nine months to work, that was back in 2010. I then worked a Victorian lady in 2012. Since then I have […]

Milanese Lace – Pam Edwards

Pam Edwards. Lady with Parasol is the “pinnacle” of my Milanese lace making, worked with DMC 50 cotton in ecru, under Roz Snowden’s tutorage. A lot of the braids finish and are sewn out at the waistband. To make a neat finish I mounted it on to a piece of fabric ( with a bit […]

Bookmark – Rosemary Jobling

Rosemary Jobling The bookmark on the right was copied from The Mainly Lace Collection, I made it with Cotona 30 with a Perle 5 gimp. The one on the left was from the Lace Guild Book which I made it with DMC Broder Machine 30.

Lace – Laura Emm

Laura Emm Laura worked these adorable pieces whilst she was a junior member of Tonbridge Lace Makers. Encouraged to learn the craft by her Grandmother Anne Bates, who is a founder member of the group.